Share Your Favorite Perek of Tehillim

As the Chaggim (holiday’s) are approaching, Abraham’s Legacy wishes you and your loved ones a beautiful year ahead filled with health, happiness, prosperity, clarity and kindness!

We all recognize the tremendous Power of Tehillim (Psalms) and its ability to truly alter our lives for the good. And we each connect to different perakim (chapters) of Tehillim in our unique way. Tehillim is like music. We listen to different types of music based on our mood, just as we connect to different chapters or verses based on our mood.

And so, I would love to invite you to take part in an exciting and inspiring project through Abraham’s Legacy!

  • Video submission: Submit a short form video (1-2 min) sharing your favorite perek (chapter) or pasuk (verse) of Tehillim and why it speaks to you. Ask yourself: What perek gets you through those hard days. What perek do you say when things are going well? Why do you say it? What hidden message do you take out of a specific chapter?
  • Photo submission: Have a Tehillim book you absolutely love reading from? Take a photo of your tehillim book opened up to your favorite chapter and send it to us!

Check out this short video from Lori Palatnik as she shares her favorite perek of Tehillim.

Sharing how prayer inspires YOU is beautiful. When we share our knowledge, we allow others to gain knowledge and be inspired.

Submit your short form VIDEO or a PHOTO of your Tehillim book and be part of this inspiring initiative.

When filming keep in mind:

  • Hold your phone horizontally (landscape)
  • Be sure we can hear you
  • Submit your video via email, gdrive, dropbox, or via whatsapp (+1-917-748-8032)

Together, lets inspire and connect through the power of prayer. Shana Tova U’Metiukah! Have a Happy New Year!

With kindness,