July 8th-9th 2020 | יז׳ תמוז


Fast of Tammuz

Join Abraham’s Legacy powered by TorahAnytime and in partnership with JICNY on July 8th and 9th (Fast of Tammuz) as we unite Am Yisrael through Tefillah, Song and Inspiration.


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About the Event

Raising Awareness.
Raising Tefillot.

Raising Funds

Contribute to our Charidy Campaign and quadruple your contribution thanks to our special matchers. Funds are used towards the Abraham’s Legacy - Tehillim app, a leshem shamayim project in memory of Avraham ben Pauline A’H.


Raising Awareness

Enjoy special guest speakers, panelists, musical performances and more all focused around the Power of Tefillah and how we can unleash its potential. PLUS, take part in our first ever Tefillah Talks - Share your inspirational story of how tefillah has impacted your life.

Event Schedule

Raising Tefillot

Select a 15-minute time slot to read Tehillim! Our goal is to have Tehillim read throughout the entire 24 hours period! Commit to read tehillim for a 15 minute time slot from the Abraham's Legacy Tehillim app anytime between July 8-9th Tizku lemitzvot!

Select Time Slot

*The program will be broadcasted LIVE via Zoom, FB and YouTube and across all of our partner organizations from across the globe*

Charidy Matchers

Missed the Campaign? You can still contribute to be part of this amazing initiative!

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Meet Our Partners

Meet Our Speakers

Join Special guest speakers, musicians, and artists sharing personal experience and techniques for unlocking the Power of Tefillah, honouring the lasting strength of our jewish spirit and practice.

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