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1st Annual International Day of Tefillah-

October 3rd

50,000 Jews

ONE day for 18 minutes and complete 613 books of Tehillim!

This year, turn a corner. Grab the power of your tefillah, use it when it counts most and then nurture it, fuel it, keep it burning all year long. Daven at a new level this Yom Kippur and then keep on climbing.

It all starts on 4 Tishrei, October 3 , during the Aseres Yemei Teshuvah, with groups around the world combining their power of prayer to uplift all of Klal Yisrael.

Don’t miss out! It’s easy to become a Group Leader and bring this event in your city on October 3rd!

Just organize a group to gather in your home, school or workplace and follow this simple program:


A five-minute lesson on the power of tefillah from the highly acclaimed Praying With Fire by Rabbi Heshy Kleinman


Experience the inspiration of completing Sefer Tehillim 613 times in 18 minutes using the real-time tracking app, Abraham’s Legacy. You’ll be able to see the locations of participants across the globe and watch as chapter after chapter, and sefer after sefer is completed.

Here’s a way to make the most of the 10 days when Hashem is so close at hand, so open to our prayers! But it doesn’t stop there….

Keep the inspiration growing with two powerful tools free to all participants:


A Yom Kippur poster sure to help you tap into the miraculous opportunity of the day’s prayers;


A weekly on-line issue of Praying With Passion, a unique tefillah-building tool that’s upgrading tefillah for thousands of Jews.

Register as a Group Leader and be listed as a location for the International Day of Tefillah.

Give yourself, your family and neighbors the opportunity to vastly increase the impact of their prayers this Yom Kippur and to keep on growing all year long.

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Once you register, you’ll receive our Tefillah Kit with all the materials you need to help get the word out to family, friends and community members so that you can make your event a powerful one.

Tefillah Kit Tefillah Kit

Your Tefillah Kit will include:

  • Link to the Abraham’s Legacy app and short video tutorial
  • 5-minute limmud (learning) segment
  • Editable Event Poster
  • Email template
  • Text message template
  • Social media copy and graphics (banner and post)
  • Email signature


Every group can organize their event in a number of ways (see below for a list of ideas), however the common thread is that all groups will engage in a 5-minute limmud (lesson) about the power of tefillah and designate an 18-minute window to pray Tehillim through the Abraham’s Legacy app together. You will receive a simple tutorial video so that you can direct the participants at your event to download and pray through the app.
By reading through the app our objective is to unify the Jewish world through prayer. The app, Abraham’s Legacy, helps us keep track in real time of how many chapters are being read, people reading, countries reading and books completed!
By reading through the app our objective is to unify the Jewish world through prayer. The app, Abraham’s Legacy, helps us keep track in real time of how many chapters are being read, people reading, countries reading and books completed!

Ideas for events:



Invite a Rabbi, Rebbetizin or spiritual leader to give a talk about the power of prayer

Sharing Circle

Create a sharing circle where people gather together to share stories of how prayer impacted their lives. This can be set up TED like, where participants have a 5 minute window to share their inspirational story


Organize a music event where musicians will play songs from tehillim, interspersed with words about the significance and meaning.

Berachot Party

Invite family, friends and community members to join you in a seudat amenim.
Other Ways to Get Involved There are many ways you can get involved in this exciting movement during such an opportune time on the Jewish calendar:

Rabbi or Rebbetizin:

Volunteer to give a drasha (speech) focused on tefilla or tehillim on October 3rd that will be live streamed on our channel. Please note, this does NOT need to be in front of a LIVE audience.


Abraham’s Legacy is a purely leshem shamaim initiative. Help us promote Abraham’s Legacy as well as the International Day of Tefillah through print or digital publications and be listed as one of our partners


Help us continue further developing Abraham’s Legacy to include exciting features. For a list of new up and coming features along with sponsorship cost, please email Now you can donate or sponsor in memory or in honor of a loved one so they can receive the zechut of bringing this amazing initiative into the world.

Involve your Community or Organization

Have a large community physical or digital? Help us spread the word by sending out an email blast and posting up on social media about Abraham’s Legacy and give your community an amazing resource. If you’d like to take part in this way, we will list you as a partner on our International Day of Prayer. Please email for more info.

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Abraham’s Legacy is a purely leshem shamaim initiative